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Significantly lighter than any concrete alternative and no cracking!
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Green Trough from TTS Rail - Polymer Cable Troughing Systems

TTS Rail (Trough-Tec Systems) offer the world’s most versatile cable troughing system. Made from a rugged polymer and designed to carry cabling anywhere; horizontally, vertically, at an angle, around an obstruction, along a wall, as a walkway, or even in an elevated position.

TTS polymer cable troughing is the flexible alternative to traditional concrete troughing. Ingeniously designed, light and easy-to-use (without the need for special lifting tools), yet tough enough to stand the test of time and withstand everything that the elements can throw at it.

To help you find the most suitable TTS troughing solution for your project, use our product finder to compare with the concrete version. Click here to open the finder.

Download the TTS Rail Green Trough leaflet - click here.



TTS Rail Troughing Systems

C / 1 / 6 - TTS 70 Series
C / 1 / 6 - TTS 120 Series
C / 1 / 7 - TTS 150 Series
C / 1 / 8 - TTS 200 Series
C / 1 / 9 - TTS 200 Series
C / 1 / 10 - TTS 250 Series
C / 1 / 29 - TTS 300 Series
C / 1 / 43 - TTS 430 Series


TTS Solutions

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• Elevated Troughing


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